The UrgoTul range features a non-occlusive interface, composed of a polyester mesh impregnated wtih hydrocolloid particles (carboxymethylcellulose), paraffin oil, petrolatum and polymers. Available in a range of products suitable for low to moderately exuding wounds.

UrgoTul® Products

UrgoTul® Absorb

Absorbent lipido-colloid foam dressing

UrgoTul® Absorb Sacrum

Highly absorbent adhesive foam sacrum dressing with soft-adherent TLC and silico....

UrgoTul® Lite

Moderately absorbent lipido-colloid foam dressing

UrgoTul® Lite Border

Adhesive lipido-colloid contact layer with a light absorbent pad

UrgoTul® Absorb Border

Highly-abosrbent lipido-colloid foam dressing with silicone adhesive border


UrgoTul®  is a non-adhesive, non-occlusive interfa....

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