Research & Development

At URGO Medical we support evidence based practice by providing high levels of clinical evidence around the performance of our products. To make a difference for patients:

  • We invest almost 9% of our annual turnover to in-house R&D programmes and public/private partnerships in order to advance knowledge and treatments of wounds.
  • We demonstrate the clinical efficacy of our products with almost 55 studies conducted and 40 scientific publications in indexed periodicals.
  • We conduct a dynamic medical education policy with almost 35,000 health professionals trained every year.
  • We develop treatment protocols (leg ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer) because we know that each type of wound deserves a specific treatment. -We have succeeded in developing a product protocol responding to each type of wound with UrgoTul®, UrgoStart®, UrgoK2® and UrgoClean®.

The mission of the Urgo Research, Innovation & Development (Urgo RID) teams is to devise, develop and transform their ideas into concrete healthcare solutions in order ot meet the needs of patients and health professionals. Clinical evaluations and case studies are invaluable records of the clinical practices of a profession. At URGO Medical, we are committed to supporting healhtcare professionals with product evaluations and local case studies. If you are interested in performing an evaluation or encounter an interesting or unique patient case in your clinical practice, we invite you to contact us.