The UrgoStart® treatment range of dressings is innovative technology combining Technology Lipido-Colloid (TLC) with Nano-Oligo Saccharide Factor. Dressings in this range offer an optimum healing process.* The TLC-NOSF combination leads to the restoration of wound bed conditions that promote granulation of chronic wounds, in which a metabolic imbalance has led to a continuous degration of the extracellular matrix, and possibly to delayed healing.


when the gelling action of the TLC combines with hydrocolloid particles, TLC forms a Lipido-Colloid gel, creating a moist environment that promotes the healing process, so that key cells involved in the repair process (fibroblasts, keratinocytes, macrophages) can exert their action.


provides properties in addition to those of TLC: on contact with wound exudate, NOSF forms a gel which binds preferentially to damaged areas and limits the harmful action of MMPs (Matrix Metalloprotienases)1.

*The recommended treatment duration for UrgoStart® dressings 4-5 weeks or to healing

  1. 1. White, R., Cowan, T., Glover, D. Supporting evidence-based practice: a clinical review of TLC healing matrix (2nd edition). MA Healthcare Ltd, London, 2015.

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