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Diabetes Feet Australia
The DFA Steering Committee plays a leadership role in developing the strategic plan and priorities for DFA, and delivering projects and activities that align with the strategic plan.
Wounds Australia
Wounds Australia is the peak body for wound prevention and management in Australia.
The European Wound Management Association (EWMA) is a European not-for-profit umbrella organisation, linking national wound management organisations, individuals and groups with interest in wound care.
The mission of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) is to produce evidence-based guidelines to inform health care providers all over the world on strategies for the prevention and management of diabetic foot disease.
D-Foot International is a registered international nonprofit association under Belgian law promoting the global profile of diabetic foot prevention and care through awareness, guidance, education, research and professional development.
Australian Podiatry Association
We are committed to the advancement of podiatry to improve foot health in the community. The positive impact of podiatric care changes the lives of one in five Australians who suffer from foot pain.
The ANZSVN is a professional nursing organisation dedicated to promoting excellence in the nursing care of individuals with vascular disease by providing quality education, supporting nursing research and contributing to the prevention of vascular disease.
Australian College of Nursing
The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is the national voice of the nursing profession focused on policy, advocacy and education to advance the status, recognition and respect for nurses.
Wound Aware (AUS)
WAW21 is Wounds Australia’s most significant annual campaign to improve awareness of chronic wounds and influence wound management policy.
Journal of Wound
JWC is essential reading for wound care professionals who are serious about providing the best possible support for the people in their care, and those who want to keep on top of the latest thinking and research.
WUWHS is the premier wound care professional association and it represents more than 90% of all practicing wound care specialists in the world. Our members are the wound care-related associations from every part of the world, more than 25,000 emailing contacts.
Wounds International
Wounds Int. is an international healthcare communications business with a global reach in wound management. Our mission is to deliver educational materials, online, in print and in person that meet the needs of those practising wound healing across different geographies.
Staff training built for healthcare. A powerful learning platform, with Ausmed’s content built-in. Deliver amazing learning experiences whilst easily managing compliance.
UK Urgo - COVID-19
Urgo Medical offers a range of dressings, compression bandages and hosiery, all designed to improve wound healing and patients’ quality of life. We believe strongly in evidence-based care and pride ourselves on our products having the highest level of clinical evidence available.
National Association of Diabetes Centres
The National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) is a national collective of organisations that are involved either directly or indirectly in diabetes services and care.
NADC COVID-19 Page - Resources for people with diabetes relating to COVID-19.
NDSS Resources
NDSS - Delivering products and services to people with Diabetes.
Foot Network
The mission of the Foot Network is to establish and maintain reduced morbidity and mortality caused by diabetes-related foot disease in people in Australia.
High Risk Foot Service Standards
NADC collaborative interdisciplinary diabetes high-risk foot service standards.
HRFS Accreditation
NADC collaborative interdisciplinary diabetes HRFS Accreditation
High Risk Foot Service Data Collection
Data is periodically centralised to enable audits and benchmarking by the NADC and Australian Diabetes Society (ADS). Participating HRFS are provided with an annual report.
National Diabetes Care Course
The National Diabetes Care Course has been developed by the National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) to provide healthcare providers in a range of general care settings with current knowledge of diabetes clinical management and self-care regulation.
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