Looking for advice on how to treat your ulcer?

What are the first recommendations to follow for a chronic ulcer?

 Dr Nabila Benahmed: The first thing to do is to see a doctor so they can make an accurate diagnosis and decide on the appropriate treatment and/or care. To take care of your wound, it is also essential to have a healthy lifestyle, to stop smoking and drinking alcohol, to avoid sitting for long periods and to get regular exercise (even if it is only walking), to eat healthily and to drink plenty of water.

Do venous leg ulcers require special precautions?

 Dr Nabila Benahmed: In this case, compression bandages should be worn permanently as they contribute to venous return. If they slide/fall off, ask your nurse to reapply them. To care for your ulcer, you should not take hot baths, showers are preferable.

I have a pressure ulcer. How can my family help me?

Dr Nabila Benahmed: Your family can remind you to change position regularly to relieve the pressure, around every two to three hours. However, be careful to avoid friction when changing positionas this will help to protect your skin, which has become thinner and therefore more fragile. 

As a diabetic patient, how can I encourage my ulcer to heal?

 DrNabila Benahmed: Maintaining good blood sugar balance is one of the key conditions for effective healing. In the event of a diabetic foot ulcer, use a pressure relieving  shoe as early as possible and until the ulcer is fully healed, to avoid putting weight on the foot. You can also see a chiropodist to look after your feet.  

Can I take a shower with an ulcer? 

 Dr Nabila Benahmed: Impermeable adhesive dressings are available, which are water resistant and protect the wound. I recommend washing before the nurse arrives to change your dressing. 

What should I do if my ulcer takes a funny turn?

 Dr Nabila Benahmed: If the ulcer changes over time, if it becomes red or painful, you should call the doctor or your nurse immediately.